Wedding Day Timeline Questionnaire


This is NOT a replacement for you or your planner sending the typed, finalized timeline for the day of coordination. While we are willing to make suggestions and provide parameters, wedding planning/coordinating is an entirely separate job in the wedding industry that does not fall under my umbrella of expertise or responsibility. Providing the photographers with your finalized timeline is your contractual responsibility- all in best efforts for your day to be as low-stress and successful as it can possibly be. This questionnaire is for the sole purpose of having all of the details relevant to us in one easy-to-reference place.

Partner One *
Partner One
Since we have your legal name on your contract, list both partners as their preferred "go by" name.
Partner Two *
Partner Two
Since we have your legal name on your contract, list both partners as their preferred "go by" name.
Partner One's Number *
Partner One's Number
Partner Two's Number *
Partner Two's Number
Home/Mailing Address *
Home/Mailing Address
For the purposes of mailing/correspondence.
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Will any of the aforementioned locations require special/paid parking? *
Please have all of these details, along with any other details you may want documented (dress, jewelry, shoes, invitations, etc.) in one place- preferably in a bag or box that can be transported by the photographers.
If so, please explain in detail so we are able to capture the essence/significance of your practices.
Will you be doing a first look? *
Please list per partner.
Keep this list as short and sweet as possible. You will need to account for 10 minutes + approximately one minute per grouping, *minimum.* People talk and scatter, so give the most liberal amount of time possible and prepare the folks you'll be having formals with in advance.
Please note: this may be essential for indoor ceremonies. If there are flash restrictions for your indoor ceremony, please get in contact with me so we can go over options and the implications of unique lighting situations.
Per our contract together, the photographers are required a 30 minute dinner break for coverage days lasting longer than 5 hours. While some venues serve vendors last, it is imperative that the photographers be served along with the wedding party to avoid delays in photo coverage. Best practice is to include the photographers in the headcount for the food provided for the event. This information should be communicated to your caterer/coordinator/whomever you see fit.